Shoemaker Butterfly - Catonephele antinoe
Captive live shoemaker butterfly photos
Family: Lycaenidae.  Range: Southeast Asia
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Shoemaker Butterfly
Family Lycaenidae are worldwide in distribution, with approximately 4,700 species that are unevenly distributed. Coppers are especially dominant in north temperate regions, blues are richest in the Old World tropics and north temperate zones, and hairstreaks are particularly abundant in New World tropics. The adults are typically small to tiny and often brilliantly colored--iridescent blues, bright reds, and oranges.

Adults of both sexes have three pairs of walking legs, though most males have fused segments in their front legs. Adults visit flowers for nectar, but some feed on wooly aphid honeydew and some hairstreaks feed on honeydew or bird droppings.

Shoemaker Butterfly
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Order Lepidoptera, which contains both butterflies and moths, includes at least 125,000 known species including 12,000 in North America. Butterflies are revered for their brightly colored wings and pleasing association with fair weather and flowers.
Learn to identify many of the American Midwest's common species through descriptions and large diagnostic photos of live, wild specimens.
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