Chicago, Illinois - The Windy City
A modest set of modern-day photographs of the great City of Chicago.
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Alexander Calder's "Flamingo"
Alexander Calder's "Flamingo" is just one representative of Chicago's world-renowned  public displays of sculpture
Sears Tower (Willis Tower)
Chicagoans call this Sears Tower and you should too.
John G. Shedd Aquarium
John G. Shedd Aquarium
The Bean
The Bean (Cloud Gate)
Chicago's Picasso Sculpture
The Picasso Sculpture
Daley Plaza
Chicago's Crown Fountain
Crown Fountain
Millennium Park
Marc Chagall's "The Four Seasons" Mosaic
Chagall "The Four Seasons"

Adler Planetarium
The City of Chicago covers an area of nearly 150,000 acres (approx. 234 square miles) and sits 578 feet above sea level on the shore of Lake Michigan, in northeastern Illinois. Lake Michigan is second largest of the Great Lakes (after Superior) and the 5th largest fresh water lake in the world, at 118 miles across and over 300 miles long.

Chicago is famous as a culturally diverse city, with the largest Polish-speaking population outside Poland, and vibrant African American, Hispanic, Asian, and many other ethnic communities woven into its 77 distinct neighborhoods.

A very passionate sports town, Chicago is one of only one of four U.S. cities to field teams in all five professional team sports (baseball, football, basketball, hockey, soccer). With The Cubs, White Sox, Bears, Bulls, and Blackhawks, Chicago is the Only U.S. city with five professional sports venues within city limits. The Chicago Cubs are the oldest baseball team still playing in their original city (and at this writing, have not won a world series in over 100 years.)

Twin 50-foot glass block towers with Art Institute in background
Crown Fountain at Millennium Park
Steve Goodman and Jethro Burns
Chicago's favorite son, the late Steve Goodman, with Jethro Burns perform at Harry Hope's nightclub in 1980

Chicago's Water Tower
Water Tower and Magnificent Mile

Chicago's Water Tower
Chicago's Water Tower
The Chicago Water Tower and its associated pumping station across Michigan Avenue to the east were built in 1869 of limestone blocks quarried at Joliet Illinois. The tower is 154 feet tall, built to hide a 138-foot standpipe used to equalize water pressure. The standpipe quickly became obsolete and was removed in 1911. These two buildings were among the few to survive the great Chicago Fire of 1879.
Chicago Theater
Chicago Theater 175 N. State St. Chicago, Illinois 60601
(312) 462-6300
Chicago Skyline from Lake Michigan
A sweeping, magnificent view of the Chicago skyline across the lake can be had along East Solidarity Drive leading to the Shedd Aquarium. Chicago's lakefront is by ordinance protected from commercial development, but the city's politicians are seeking forever to give away the public's land to such dubious and misplaced projects as a "Children's Museum" or George Lucas' "Museum of Narrative Art" - really just a tribute to his enormous ego - which seeks to usurp open land south of Soldier Field (itself an enormous eyesore) for a building variously descriped as "blob architecture" and "a giant lump."

Lions at The Art Institute

The Chicago Board of Trade

Jay Pritzker Pavilion

Millennium Park
WPA Mural
Des Plaines, Illinois 1940 Post Office Murals by James Michael Newell
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Chicago, Illinois - The Windy City
A modest set of modern-day photographs of the great City of Chicago.
Subjects include selected shots from points of interest in the suburbs as well.
Picasso Sculpture | Chicago Water Tower | Adler Planetarium
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