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Live flies photographed in the wild at various North American locations. 
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Bee Fly - Aldrichia sp.11/16/2013
Bee Fly - Anthrax sp.11/16/2013
Bee Fly - Bombylius major11/16/2013
Bee Fly - Lepidophora lepidocera11/16/2013
Bee Fly - Poecilanthrax willistonii11/16/2013
Bee Fly - Systoechus vulgaris11/16/2013
Bee Fly - Villa sp.11/16/2013
Black Scavenger Fly - Family Sepsidae11/16/2013
Blue Blow Fly - Calliphora vicina11/16/2013
Blue Bottle Fly - Calliphora vomitoria11/16/2013
Cluster Fly - Pollenia sp.11/16/2013
Common Green Bottle Fly - Lucilia sericata11/16/2013
Cool Weather Mosquito - Culiseta incidens11/16/2013
Crane Flies - Infraorder Tipulomorpha11/16/2013
Crane Fly - Epiphragma fasciapenne11/16/2013
Crane Fly - Epiphragma solatrix11/16/2013
Crane Fly - Erioptera cana11/16/2013
Crane Fly - Gnophomyia tristissima11/16/2013
Crane Fly - Tipula (Platytipula) paterifera11/16/2013
Crane Fly - Tipula bicornis11/16/2013
Crane Fly - Tipula dorsimacula11/16/2013
Crane Fly - Tipula furca11/16/2013
Crane Fly - Tipula submaculata11/16/2013
Deer Fly - Chrysops callidus11/16/2013
Deer Fly - Chrysops calvus11/16/2013
Drain Fly / Moth Fly - Clogmia albipunctata11/16/2013
Dryomyzid Fly - Dryomyza sp.11/16/2013
Dung Flies - Family Scathophagidae11/16/2013
Family Asilidae - Robber Flies11/16/2013
Family Bombyliidae - Bee Flies11/16/2013
Family Calliphoridae - Blow, Bottle, Cluster and Screwworm Flies 11/16/2013
Family Conopidae: Thick-Headed Flies11/16/2013
Family Syrphidae - Toxomerus species11/16/2013
Family Syrphidae: Hover Flies, Flower Flies11/16/2013
Family Tabanidae - Horse and Deer Flies11/16/2013
Family Tachinidae - Tachinid Flies11/16/2013
Family Tephritidae - Fruit Flies11/16/2013
Flesh Fly - Bellieria sp11/16/2013
Flesh Fly - Sarcophaga sp.11/16/2013
Flies of North America - Order Diptera11/16/2013
Flies of North America - Orphan Species11/16/2013
Flies of North America Index01/13/2014
Fruit Fly - Euaresta aequalis11/16/2013
Fruit Fly - Procecidochares atra11/16/2013
Giant Robber Fly - Promachus sp.11/16/2013
Golden Syrphid Fly - Caliprobola pulchra11/16/2013
Heleomyzid Fly - Suillia sp.11/16/2013
Horse Fly - Hybomitra sp.11/16/2013
Horse Fly - Stonemyia tranquilla11/16/2013
Horse Fly - Tabanus sulcifrons11/16/2013
Hover Fly - Metasyrphus americanus11/16/2013
Hybotid Dance Fly - Platypalpus sp.11/16/2013
Inland Floodwater Mosquito - Aedes vexans11/16/2013
Long-Legged Fly - Dolichopus sp.11/16/2013
Long-Tailed Dance Fly - Rhamphomyia longicauda11/16/2013
Longlegged Fly - Condylostylus species11/16/2013
March Fly - Dilopus sp.11/16/2013
Marsh Flies - Family Sciomyzidae11/16/2013
Midge - Family Chironomidae11/16/2013
Mosquitoes: A Rogue's Gallery11/16/2013
North American Insects and Spiders / Tree Encyclopedia11/16/2013
Ornate Snipe Fly - Chrysolpolis ornatus11/16/2013
Picture Winged Fly - Callopistromyia strigula11/16/2013
Picture-winged Fly - Delphinia picta11/16/2013
Picture-winged Fly - Tritoxa incurva11/16/2013
Robber Fly - Cerotainia albipilosa11/16/2013
Robber Fly - Dioctria hyalipennis11/16/2013
Robber Fly - Efferia aestuans11/16/2013
Robber Fly - Holcocephala abdominalis11/16/2013
Robber Fly - Laphria canis11/16/2013
Robber Fly - Laphria flavicollis11/16/2013
Robber Fly - Laphria grossa11/16/2013
Robber Fly - Laphria index11/16/2013
Robber Fly - Laphria sericea11/16/2013
Robber Fly - Laphria thoracica11/16/2013
Robber Fly - Leptogaster sp.11/16/2013
Robber Fly - Tolmerus species11/16/2013
Root Maggot Fly - Family Anthomyiidae11/16/2013
Rust Fly - Loxocera cylindrica11/16/2013
Signal Flies - Family Platystomatidae11/16/2013
Snipe Fly - Chrysopilus sp.11/16/2013
Snipe Fly - Rhagio mystaceus11/16/2013
Soldier Fly - Actina viridis11/16/2013
Soldier Fly - Nemotelus kansensis11/16/2013
Soldier Fly - Sargus decorus11/16/2013
Soldier Fly - Stratiomys barbata11/16/2013
Stable Fly - Stomoxys calcitrans11/16/2013
Stilt-legged Fly - Family Micropezidae11/16/2013
Sunflower Maggot Fly - Strauzia longipennis11/16/2013
Syrphid Fly - Eristalis anthophorina11/16/2013
Syrphid Fly - Eristalis arbustorum11/16/2013
Syrphid Fly - Eristalis sp.11/16/2013
Syrphid Fly - Helophilus sp.11/16/2013
Syrphid Fly - Mallota sp.11/16/2013
Syrphid Fly - Sericomyia lata11/16/2013
Syrphid Fly - Spilomyia fusca11/16/2013
Syrphid Fly - Spilomyia longicornis11/16/2013
Syrphid Fly - Syritta pipiens11/16/2013
Syrphid Fly - Temnostoma sp.11/16/2013
Syrphid Fly - Toxomerus politus11/16/2013
Syrphid Fly - Tropidia quadrata11/16/2013
Syrphid Fly - Volucella bombylans11/16/2013
Tachinid Flies - Peleteria species11/16/2013
Tachinid Fly - Adejeania vexatrix11/16/2013
Tachinid Fly - Archytas sp.11/16/2013
Tachinid Fly - Cylindromyia sp.11/16/2013
Tachinid Fly - Gymnocheta sp.11/16/2013
Tachinid Fly - Gymnoclytia sp.11/16/2013
Tachinid Fly - Gymnosoma fuliginosa11/16/2013
Tachinid Fly - Juriniopsis sp.11/16/2013
Tachinid Fly - Trichopoda pennipes11/16/2013
Tachinid Fly - Hystricia abrupta11/16/2013
Thick-Headed Fly - Physocephala furcillata01/13/2014
Transverse Flower Fly - Eristalis transversa11/16/2013
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Flies of North America - Order Diptera. Flies are prevalent in virtually all habitats, with over 16,000 species in North America. Flies can be distinguished from all other insects in that they only have one pair of normal wings. The other pair has evolved into small ball-like structures called halteres. Most flies have compound eyes and mouthparts adapted for piercing, lapping or sucking fluids.
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