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Black-eyed Susan Wildflower11/16/2013
Butterfly Gardens05/25/2014
Calsap Rhododendron11/16/2013
Common Chicory - Cichorium intybus11/16/2013
Common Sneezeweed - Helenium autumnale11/16/2013
Deptford Pink - Dianthus armeria11/16/2013
Flowering Plants11/16/2013
Flowering Plants Index07/08/2014
Garden Slugs - Taxonomy, Anatomy, and Control11/16/2013
Girard's Fuschia Azalea11/16/2013
Hong Kong Rhododendron11/16/2013
Japanese Azalea - Rhododendron japonicum11/16/2013
Kentucky Wisteria - Wisteria macrostachya11/16/2013
Lead Plant - Amorpha canescens11/16/2013
Little-Leaved Clematis - Clematis microphylla11/16/2013
Mock Orange - Philadelphus x virginalis11/16/2013
New England Aster - Aster novae-angliae11/16/2013
Nova Zembla Rhododendron11/16/2013
Ox-Eye Daisy - Chrysanthemum leucanthemum11/16/2013
Parsnip: Pastinaca sativa11/16/2013
Peter Tigerstedt Rhododendron11/16/2013
Primrose Rose - Rosa primula11/16/2013
Purple Coneflower - Echinacea purpurea11/16/2013
Queen of the Prairie - Filipendula rubra07/08/2014
Smooth Sumac - Rhus Glabra11/16/2013
Starry Barrenwort - Epimedium stellulatum11/16/2013
Tapestry Rhododendron11/16/2013
Tree Encyclopedia11/16/2013
Tree Encyclopedia Index07/08/2014
Weston's Mayflower Rhododendron11/16/2013
Wild Hydrangea - Hydrangea arborescens11/16/2013
Yellow Cheerfulness Narcissus11/16/2013
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Common  Flowers
A flower is the reproductive structure found in flowering plants (plants of the division Magnoliophyta, also called angiosperms). The flower contains the plant's reproductive organs, and its function is to produce seeds. After fertilization, portions of the flower develop into a fruit containing the seeds. 
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