Confused Eusarca Moth - Eusarca confusaria
Family Geometridae
(geometrids, inchworms, measuring worms)
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Live adult moths photographed at northern Illinois.

Eusarca confusaria, male specimen
This moth is very abundant in overgrown former farm fields outside Chicago. It's a relatively large critter, at least an inch across, and they fly up by the dozens when I'm walking through the underbrush. They don't fly far - and I cannot figure how this seemingly "showy" behavior benefits this moth, survival-wise.

Linden looper caterpillar "inchworm"
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Order Lepidoptera: Moths. Unlike the butterflies, moths are usually nocturnal. Many moths and their caterpillars are major agricultural pests in large parts of the world. Moths in the family Tineidae are commonly regarded as pests because their larvae eat fabrics, clothes and blankets made from natural fibers such as wool or silk. Moths in the genus Farinalis feed on stored grain, flour, corn meal and other milled grain products.
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