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Live adult male and female spiders photo-graphed in the wild at various North American locations.
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American Dog Tick - Dermacentor variabilis01/28/2014
Banded Garden Spider - Argiope trifasciata05/18/2014
Barn Funnel Weaver Spider - Tegenaria domestica05/18/2014
Black and Yellow Garden Spider - Argiope aurantia11/16/2013
Black Widow Spider - Latrodectus mactans05/18/2014
Blacklegged Tick or Deer Tick - Ixodes scapularis01/28/2014
Bold Jumping Spider - Phidippus audax05/18/2014
Bronze Jumping Spider - Eris militaris11/16/2013
Brown Recluse Spider - Loxosceles reclusa11/16/2013
Brown Widow Spider - Latrodectus geometricus11/16/2013
Cat-Faced Spider - Araneus gemmoides11/16/2013
Cellar Spider  - Pholcus manueli11/20/2013
Cobweb Spider - Enoplognatha ovata05/18/2014
Cobweb Spider - Steatoda triangulosa11/16/2013
Cobweb Spider - Theridion sp.11/16/2013
Cobweb Spiders - Family Theridiidae11/16/2013
Common House Spider - Parasteatoda tepidariorum05/18/2014
Crab spider - Misumenoides formocipes05/18/2014
Crab Spider - Synema parvulum05/18/2014
Crab Spider - Xysticus sp.05/18/2014
Crab spiders - Family Thomisidae 11/16/2013
Cross Orb Weaver Spider - Araneus diadematus11/16/2013
Dimorphic Jumping Spider - Maevia inclemens05/18/2014
Eastern Parson Spider - Herpyllus ecclesiasticus05/18/2014
Family Tetragnathidae - Long-Jawed Orb Weavers11/16/2013
Fishing Spider - Dolomedes sp.05/18/2014
Funnel Weaver Spider - Agelenopsis sp.11/16/2013
Furrow Orb Weaver Spider - Larinioides cornutus11/16/2013
Grass Spider - Agelenopsis sp.11/16/2013
Green Lynx Spider - Peucetia viridans11/16/2013
Hackled Orb Weaver Spider - Uloborus glomosus11/16/2013
Harvestman - Daddy Longlegs11/16/2013
Harvestman - Odiellus pictus11/16/2013
Humpback Orb Weaver Spider - Eustala sp.11/16/2013
Jumping Spider - Habronattus decorus11/16/2013
Jumping Spider - Hentzia mitrata11/16/2013
Jumping Spider - Hentzia palmarum11/16/2013
Jumping Spider - Phanias species11/16/2013
Jumping Spider - Phidippus clarus11/16/2013
Jumping spider - Phidippus mystaceus11/16/2013
Jumping Spider - Phidippus otiosus11/16/2013
Jumping Spider - Phidippus princeps11/16/2013
Jumping Spider - Phidippus princeps Male11/16/2013
Jumping Spider - Platycryptus undatus11/16/2013
Jumping Spider - Thiodina Sylvana11/16/2013
Jumping Spider - Tutelina sp.11/16/2013
Jumping Spiders - Family Salticidae11/16/2013
Lone Star Tick - Amblyomma americanum01/28/2014
Long- Jawed Orbweaver Spider - Tetragnatha laboriosa11/16/2013
Long-Jawed Orb Weaver Spider - Tetragnatha straminea11/16/2013
Long-Jawed Orb Weaver Spider- Tetragnatha elongata11/16/2013
Lynx Spider - Oxyopes salticus11/16/2013
Magnolia Green Jumper - Lyssomanes viridis11/16/2013
Male Marbled Orb Weaver Spider - Araneus marmoreus11/16/2013
Marbled Orb Weaver Spider - Araneus marmoreus11/16/2013
Nephila Clavipes - Golden Silk Orbweaver11/16/2013
North American Insects and Spiders / Tree Encyclopedia04/19/2014
Northern Crab Spider - Mecaphesa asperata11/16/2013
Nursery Web and Fishing Spiders - Family Pisauridae11/16/2013
Nursery Web Spider -  Pisaurina mira11/16/2013
Nursery Web Spider with egg sac- Pisaurina sp.11/16/2013
Orb Weaver Spider - Mangora placida11/16/2013
Orb Weaver Spider - Neoscona arabesca11/16/2013
Orb Weaver Spider - Neoscona crucifera11/16/2013
Orb Weaver Spiders - Family Araneidae11/16/2013
Pirate Wolf Spider - Pirata sp.11/16/2013
Red Velvet Mite - Trombidium sp.01/28/2014
Running Crab Spiders - Family Philodromidae11/16/2013
Sheetweb Spider - Drapetisca alteranda11/16/2013
Soldier Fly - Actina viridis11/16/2013
Spiders of North America11/16/2013
Spiders of North America Index05/18/2014
Spined Micrathena - Micrathena gracilis11/16/2013
Tarantula Spiders - Family Theraphosidae11/16/2013
Venusta Orchard Spider - Leucage venusta11/16/2013
Vibrating Spiders - Family Pholcidae11/16/2013
White-banded Crab Spider - Misumenoides formosipes11/16/2013
Wolf Spider - Family Lycosidae11/16/2013
Zebra Jumping Spider - Salticus scenicus11/16/2013
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Class Arachnida / Order Araneae: Spiders are the largest group of arachnids.  They are easily recognized by their eight legs, and there are few creatures great or small that elicit such irrational fear in mankind. The vast majority of spiders are completely harmless and offer beneficial services, chief of which is keeping the burgeoning insect population in check.
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