Family Rosaceae Index
Containing Hawthorn, Apple, Pear, Cherry, Plum, Peach, Almond, Mountain-Ash and Whitebeam. Rosaceae is a large family of plants, with about 3,000 species in ~100 genera.
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Adams Crabapple - Malus 'Adams'01/24/2015
Adirondack Crabapple - Malus 'Adirondack'01/24/2015
Allegheny Shadblow - Amelanchier laevis12/22/2014
American Masterpiece Crabapple - Malus Amaszam'01/24/2015
American Mountain-Ash - Sorbus americana01/24/2015
American Plum - Prunus americana var. lantana01/24/2015
Amur Cherry - Prunus maackii01/24/2015
Amur Mountain-Ash - Sorbus amurensis01/24/2015
Aristocrat Callery Pear - Pyrus calleryana 'Aristocrat'01/24/2015
Birch-Leaved Pear Tree - Pyrus betulaefolia01/24/2015
Black Cherry - Prunus serotina01/24/2015
Blackthorn or Sloe - Prunus spinosa01/24/2015
Bob White Crabapple - Malus 'Bob White'01/24/2015
Bunge Catalpa - Catalpa bungei12/16/2014
Burgundy Crabapple - Malus 'Burgundy'01/24/2015
Callery Pear - Pyrus calleryana var. dimorphophylla01/24/2015
Checker (chequer) Tree Mountain-Ash - Sorbus torminalis01/24/2015
Cherry Trees12/16/2014
Chinese Mountain-Ash - Sorbus pohaushanensis01/24/2015
Christmas Holly Crabapple - Malus 'Chrishozam'01/24/2015
Cockspur Hawthorn - Crataegus crus-galli01/02/2015
Common Pear - Pyrus communis01/24/2015
Crabapple - Malus flexilus12/16/2014
Crabapples for Home Landscape12/16/2014
David Crabapple - Malus 'David'01/24/2015
Diels Cotoneaster - Cotoneaster dielsiana12/16/2014
Dolgo Crabapple - Malus 'Dolgo'12/16/2014
Donald Wyman Crabapple - Malus 'Donald Wyman'12/16/2014
Doubleflower Chinese Crabapple - Malus spectabilis 'Plena'12/16/2014
Downy Hawthorn - Crataegus mollis12/16/2014
Dusky Pear - Pyrus phaeocarpa12/16/2014
European Mountain-Ash - Sorbus latifolia12/28/2014
Family Rosaceae - Fruit Trees01/24/2015
Family Rosaceae Index01/24/2015
Flowering Plants Index12/16/2014
Fuji Cherry - Prunus incisa01/02/2015
Green Hawthorn - Crataegus viridis 'Winter King'01/02/2015
Hall Crabapple - Malus halliana var. Spontanea01/02/2015
Henning Crabapple - Malus 'Henningi'01/02/2015
Himalayan Pear - Pyrus pashia01/02/2015
Holiday Gold Crabapple - Malus 'Hozam'01/02/2015
Hooks Hawthorn - Crataegus 'Hooks'01/02/2015
Hupeh Mountain-Ash - Sorbus hupehensis01/02/2015
Indian Magic Crabapple - Malus 'Indian Magic'01/02/2015
Japanese Bird Cherry & Gray's Bird Cherry01/02/2015
Japanese Flowering Crabapple - Malus floribunda01/02/2015
Japanese Hill Cherry - Prunus serrulata01/02/2015
Japanese Mountain-Ash - Sorbus commixta01/02/2015
Jewelberry Crabapple - Malus 'Jewelberry'01/02/2015
Judd's Cherry Tree - Prunus x juddii01/02/2015
Klehm Prairie Crabapple - Malus ioensis 'Klehmii'01/02/2015
Korean Mountain-Ash - Sorbus alnifolia01/02/2015
Lancelot Crabapple - Malus 'Lanzam'12/16/2014
Liset Crabapple - Malus 'Liset'01/02/2015
Louisa Crabapple - Malus 'Louisa'12/16/2014
Mahaleb Cherry - Prunus mahaleb01/02/2015
Manchurian Crabapple - Malus baccata var. mandshuria01/02/2015
Maria Crabapple - Malus 'Maria'01/02/2015
Mary Potter Crabapple - Malus 'Mary Potter'01/02/2015
May's Delight Crabapple - Malus 'May's Delight'01/02/2015
Miyama Cherry Tree - Prunus maximowiczii12/16/2014
Mock Orange - Philadelphus x virginalis12/16/2014
Mougeot Whitebeam - Sorbus mougeotii12/16/2014
Oakleaf Mountain-Ash - Sorbus x thuringiaca01/02/2015
Ormiston Roy Crabapple - Malus 'Ormiston Roy'12/27/2014
Pennsylvania Hawthorn - Crataegus tatnalliana01/02/2015
Perfect Purple Crabapple - Malus 'Coppurple'12/27/2014
Pillar Apple - Malus tschonoskii12/27/2014
Pink Princess™ Crabapple - Malus 'Parrsi'12/27/2014
Pink Satin Crabapple - Malus 'Pink Satin'12/27/2014
Pink Spires Crabapple - Malus 'Pink Spires'12/27/2014
Plum-leaved Crabapple - Malus prunifolia12/29/2014
Prairie Crabapple - Malus ioensis12/29/2014
Prairie Maid Crabapple - Malus 'Prairie Maid'12/29/2014
Pratt's Crabapple - Malus prattii12/29/2014
Pretty Marjorie Crabapple - Malus 'Pretty Marjorie'12/16/2014
Primrose Rose - Rosa primula12/22/2014
Professor Sprenger Crabapple - Malus 'Professor Sprenger'12/29/2014
Profusion Crabapple - Malus 'Profusion'12/29/2014
Purple Apricot - Prunus dasycarpa12/29/2014
Purple Prince Crabapple - Malus 'Purple Prince'12/29/2014
Queen of the Prairie - Filipendula rubra12/22/2014
Ralph Shay Crabapple - Malus 'Ralph Shay'12/16/2014
Red Barron Crabapple - Malus 'Red Barron'12/16/2014
Red Jewel Crabapple - Malus 'Red Jewel'12/29/2014
Red Osier Dogwood - Cornus sericea12/16/2014
Red Peacock Crabapple - Malus 'Red Peacock'12/29/2014
Red Swan Crabapple - Malus 'Red Swan'12/29/2014
Redbird Crabapple - Malus 'Redbird'12/29/2014
Redbud Crabapple - Malus x zumi 'Calocarpa'12/29/2014
Rejoice Crabapple - Malus 'Rejzam'12/29/2014
Rivers Flowering Chinese Crabapple - Malus spectabilis 'Riversii' 12/29/2014
Robinson Crabapple - Malus 'Robinson'12/29/2014
Royal Raindrops Crabapple - Malus 'JFS-KW5'01/17/2015
Royalty Crabapple - Malus 'Royalty'12/23/2014
Ruby Luster Crabapple - Malus 'Ruby Luster'12/29/2014
Sand Pear - Pyrus pyrifolia12/29/2014
Sargent Cherry - Prunus sargentii12/29/2014
Saskatoon Serviceberry - Amelanchier alnifolia12/16/2014
Scarlet Brandywine™ Crabapple - Malus 'Scbrazam'01/02/2015
Selkirk Crabapple - Malus 'Sekirk'01/02/2015
Sentinel Crabapple - Malus 'Sentinel'12/29/2014
Showy Cockspur Hawthorn - Crataegus crus-galli var. splendens01/02/2015
Siberian Crabapple - Malus baccata01/02/2015
Sparkler Crabapple - Malus 'Sparkler'12/24/2014
Strawberry Parfait Crabapple - Malus 'Strawberry Parfait'12/26/2014
Sugar Tyme™ Crabapple - Malus 'Sutyzam'12/25/2014
Tea Crabapple - Malus hupehensis12/25/2014
Toringo Crabapple - Malus sieboldii12/26/2014
Tree Encyclopedia01/22/2015
Tree Encyclopedia Index01/24/2015
Trinity Callery Pear - Pyrus calleryana 'Trinity'12/26/2014
Ussurian Pear - Pyrus usseriensis12/26/2014
Wild Pear - Pyrus pyraster12/26/2014
Wild Plum - Prunus americana01/24/2015
Yunnan Crabapple - Malus yunnanensis12/26/2014
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Family Rosaceae - Rose Family; Fruit Trees
Containing Hawthorns, Apples, Pears, Cherries, Plums, Peach, Almond, Mountain-Ash and Whitebeam. Rosaceae is a large family of plants with about 3,000 species in ~100 genera. Crabapple and other fruit trees provide some of our most outstanding flowering ornamentals. Tree Encyclopedia | Tree Index | Rosaceae Index
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