Crabapples are versatile, small, ornamental trees used in the urban landscape. Crabapples bloom in spring, usually in May, bearing flowers that vary a great deal in color, size, fragrance, and visual appeal
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Rosaceae is divided into four subfamilies: Rosoideae, Spiraeoideae, Maloideae, and Amygdaloideae. These subfamilies are primarily diagnosed by the structure of the fruits, although this approach is not followed universally. Recent work has identified that the traditional four subfamilies are not all monophyletic, but the structure of the family is still awaiting complete resolution through genetic analysis.
Redbud Crabapple
Redbud Crabapple
Robinson Crabapple - Malus 'Robinson'
Robinson Crabapple
Yunan Crabapple
Yunan Crabapple
Pillar Apple - Malus tschonoskii
Pillar Apple
Liset Crabapple - Malus 'Liset'
Liset Crabapple
American Masterpiece™ Crabapple - Malus 'Amaszam'
American Masterpiece™
Royalty Crabapple - Malus 'Royalty'
Royalty Crabapple
Redbird Crabapple - Malus 'Redbird'
Redbird Crabapple
Prairie Maid Crabapple - Malus 'Prairie Maid'
Prairie Maid Crab
Strawberry Parfait Crabapple - Malus 'Strawberry Parfait'
Strawberry Parfait Crab

Sparkler Crab
Profusion Crabapple - Malus 'Profusion'
Profusion Crab

Red Baron Crab

Selkirk Crab

Ruby Luster Crabapple

Rejoice Crabapple

Japanese Flowering Crab
Dolgo Crabapple - Malus 'Dolgo'
Dolgo Crabapple
Red Peacock Crabapple - Malus 'Red Peacock'
Red Peacock Crabapple
Tea Crabapple - Malus hupehensis
Tea Crabapple
Professor Sprenger Crabapple - Malus 'Professor Sprenger'
Professor Sprenger Crab
Pink Spires Crabapple - Malus 'Pink Spires'
Pink Spires Crabapple
Louisa Crabapple - Malus 'Louisa'
Louisa Crabapple
Sugar Tyme™ Crabapple - Malus 'Sutyzam'
Sugar Tyme™ Crabapple
Jewelberry Crabapple - Malus 'Jewelberry'
Jewelberry Crab
Mary Potter Crabapple - Malus 'Mary Potter'
Mary Potter Crabapple
Crabapple - Malus flexilus
Purple Prince Crabapple - Malus 'Purple Prince'
Purple Prince Crab
Sentinel Crabapple - Malus 'Sentinel'
Sentinel Crabapple
Christmas Holly Crabapple - Malus 'Chrishozam'
Christmas Holly Crabapple
Klehm Prairie Crabapple - Malus ioensis 'Klehmii'
Klehm Prairie Crabapple
Burgundy Crabapple - Malus 'Burgundy'
Burgundy Crabapple

Purple Apricot - Prunus dasycarpa
Purple Apricot

May's Delight Crabapple
May's Delight Crabapple
Adirondack Crabapple - Malus 'Adirondack'
Adirondack Crabapple
Bob White Crabapple - Malus 'Bob White'
Bob White Crabapple

Henning Crabapple - Malus 'Henningi'
Henning Crabapple

Ormiston Roy Crabapple - Malus 'Ormiston Roy'
Ormiston Roy Crabapple

Red Jewel Crabapple - Malus 'Red Jewel'
Red Jewel Crabapple

Perfect Purple™ Crabapple - Malus 'Coppurple'
Perfect Purple™ Crabapple

Toringo Crabapple - Malus sieboldii
Toringo Crabapple

Hall Crabapple - Malus halliana
Hall's Crabapple

Doubleflower Chinese Crabapple - Malus spectabilis 'Plena'
Doubleflower Chinese Crab

Plum-leaved Crabapple - Malus prunifolia
Plum-leaved Crabapple

Maria Crabapple - Malus 'Maria'
Maria Crabapple

Prairie Crabapple - Malus ioensis
Prairie Crabapple

Red Swan Crabapple - Malus 'Red Swan'
Red Swan Crabapple

Mahaleb Cherry
Mahaleb Cherry

Royal Raindrops™ Crabapple - Malus 'JFS-KW5'
Royal Raindrops™ Crab

Pink Satin Crabapple
Pink Satin Crabapple

Holiday Gold™ Crabapple - Malus 'Hozam'
Holiday Gold™ Crabapple

Japanese Mountain Cherry - Prunus serrulata var. spontanea
Japanese Mountain Cherry

Scarlet Brandywine™ Crabapple
Scarlet Brandywine™ Crabapple

Lancelot™ Crabapple - Malus 'Lanzam'
Lancelot™ Crabapple

Pink Princess™ Crabapple - Malus 'Parrsi'
Pink Princess™ Crabapple

Common Apple - Malus pumila
Common Apple

Pratt's Crabapple - Malus prattii
Pratt's Crabapple
David Crabapple - Malus 'David'
David Crabapple

Indian Magic Crabapple
Indian Magic Crabapple

Rivers Chinese Flowering Crabapple - Malus spectabilis 'Riversii'
Rivers Chinese Crabapple

Donald Wyman Crabapple - Malus 'Donald Wyman'
Donald Wyman Crabapple

Adams Crabapple - Malus 'Adams'
Adams Crabapple

Siberian Crabapple - Malus baccata
Siberian Crabapple

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Family Rosaceae - Rose Family; Fruit Trees
Many of these plants are of vital economic importance. The Rosaceae contain a great number of fruit trees of temperate regions, the fruit of which contain vitamins, acids, and sugars and can be used both raw and for making preserves, jam, jelly, candy, wine, brandy, cider and other beverages.
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